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Windows Server

Windows Server is one of the most dependable hardware systems required to be effective in today’s industry. Maintenance costs are exorbitant for old devices and out-dated technology. The increasing power in Windows Server 2019 demands organizations to get on board.

Server 2016 sets the stage for stronger cloud platform. Server 2019 brings numerious innovations on four key themes: Hybrid Cloud, Security, Application Platform and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI).

  • Custom built
    Cooling case
    Great warranty

Windows 10, Home, Professional and Mobile.

Microsoft discontinued all support for Windows 7 Operating System. Windows 10 has become the standard for devices across most of today’s Enterprise. Whether you are virtually connected to your workplace or physically onsite a Windows 10 system provides the best performance working with cloud applications.

If you are having trouble migrating or getting an upgrade to Windows 10. Skafos Consulting LLC can take the pain of getting your enviromant connected.

  • Safer web browsing
    Higher Security
    Universal Apps

General Computer Workstations

Server Hardware optimization is as critical as the security of the data. Whether your server is a Web Server, Mail Server, or a File Server they need to be optimal running the best Operating Systems compatible for all applications.

Securing your critical assets (your data) and keeping your organization on one platform at a time as this strategy keep your devices in great ynchronization. Get upgraded with Server Hardware and Software to drive your data warehousing. 

  • Virtualization

Office 365 Subscription

Older devices supporting the Operating System Windows XP and Windows 7 had as its standard application Office 2007 or Office 2013. Unfortunately, these older applications are not compatible with the newer versions of the Operating System Windows 10.

All current Windows devices are shipped with Windows 10 Operatring System are shipped with Office 365 trial and will require a subscription to conntinue its usage of the application.

Skafos Consulting LLC, Microsoft Partner can get you setup with the right package for your organization and a package for personal computers.

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