Professional services automation (PSA) is a type of software application suite that provides a service business with the functionality it needs to manage core business processes. Managing processes and overseeing the day-to-day operations of your professional service organization often takes focus away from the things that matter providing clients with quality service and finding new ways to grow your business.

Services come in many shapes and forms provided by a variety of types of organizations, including business-to-consumer (B2C) services, business-to-business (B2B) services, internal services, public services and not-for-profit t and voluntary services. Business-to-consumer services are services provided by organizations to individuals, examples being financial services (from banks and insurance providers), retail services (from supermarkets and clothes shops), travel services (airlines and bus companies), leisure services (cinemas and gyms), and hospitality services (restaurants and hotels).

Professional services automation products tend to differentiate themselves through the level of integration they offer with respect to other automation software and tools. Some PSA vendors offer integrated suites that bring together PSA, remote monitoring and management (RMM) and remote control software. Other vendors, meanwhile, focus on PSA on its own without a broader suite of automation software products. The standalone PSA vendors, however, often provide integrations with other applications, such as CRM and accounting.

Better processes create products and services that more reliably meet customer requirements for both tangible and intangible product attributes. Faster processes require less time and provide more customization. Cheaper processes reduce costs by achieving a better balance between supply and demand and by improving the product and service design. Stronger processes are better aligned with higher-level strategies, are more sustainable, and better mitigate risks. This framework has a logical order. We start with customer requirements for performance and reliability (better); then we reduce cycle time for both standard and customized products by reducing nonvalue added activities (faster); then we reduce cost by balancing supply and demand and improving product design (cheaper); and finally, we make sure that our processes are aligned with our strategic intent, sustainability goals, and safety requirements (stronger). Skafos Consulting is committed to offering an efficient approach that brings together PSA, remote monitoring, and management (RMM) and remote-control software. Contact us for any questions you may have to do with getting PSA and RMM integrated into your organization.

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