Computer Security

Protecting your network with cause

Information Technology Security

IT Security is without question the most important tool of any organization. Our perspectives on IT Security is protecting data, hardware, infrastructure, systems, and software. Protecting your desktop computer in today’s environment is challenging. Our managed services measures serve as partners that can provide a cost-effective alternative to manage the monitoring, detecting, investigating, alerting, and responding to cyber threats.

Integrating an infrastructure to application-level security is to enable businesses to extend security controls over its mobile platforms.

  • Cloud Security
  • eMail Security
  • Internet Security

Cloud Security

Cloud computing infrastructure designed to enhance collaboration, agility, scaling, and availability. Protective strategies are implemented to secure environments from the potential risk of attack from both internal and external penetration.

We are ever-evolving technology to hardened servers hosting sensitive, important and critical information.

  • Mobile App Security
  • Network Security
  • Web Browser Security

Network Security

Although companies are moving information to the cloud, a large amount of data will be still stored into data-centers and servers hosted on premises. A well-defined strategy needs to be developed to protect your trusted network with firewall protection.

Firewall security is an actor that monitors, and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security policies.


  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Key Management
  • Hardware Security

cyber security

Interrupting normal business processes is the goals of cyber-attack. Cyber security’s aim is to protect an organization’s network against all threat actors and to defend those assets against all threat actors throughout the entire life cycle of a cyber-attack.

Skafos IT Consulting primary mission for its customers is to make sure that your applications will continue to support the business in the events of updates or backups.

  • Payment Security
  • Password Security
  • DevOps Security
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