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Our Focus

Skafos Consulting LLC  IT Consulting company is ready to take your business to the next level. Seeking a route to drive production, efficiency, and productivity and cut costs in the workplace? You can leave these strategies up to our experts.

Irrespective of your IT Technology requirements, architectural. deployment, Implementation, Infrastructure, operational, planning, testing, and support our advisory team will help you to achieve your goals.

We provide guidance to customers on the best IT strategy including day-to-day operations, technical support, compliance, planning, implementation, reporting, and development. Automate processes for efficiency and productivity.

In an ever-expanding evolution of Information, Technology. Businesses are searching for ways to stay relevant. Hence, IT Consultants are bridging the gap with expertise and knowledge to help in these campaigns.

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Our Process

Our construal of consultancy begins with service as a brand, with service as a value. We have a passion for excellence that encapsulates in knowledge, strategy, and planning. Our advisory approach seeks to reduce cost, save time, and leverage technology and service, to make the process seamless. Delivering exceptional managed services is not optional but the driving force . It takes the urgency- of-now to impact changes into any organization. This embodies experience consultancy approach.

Skafos Consulting LLC as an IT Consulting company is compassionate about the various facets of today’s technologies including, administration, design, network, software, and telecommunication. We are ready to take your valued business to the next level.

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The Business Strategy .

Delivering enterprise applications demands a new strategy to garner greater efficiency. Cloud computing has become the preferred solution for companies. As an IT Consulting company, Skafos Consulting IT offers the best plan of action that creates flexibility and cost-effectiveness for different platforms in the cloud space.

We provide strategic planning and consulting counsel to optimize your technology ecosystem. Our approach reduces the costs of keeping the lights on and enables investment in new technologies that facilitate business growth and productivity.

Operational and implementation planning help to align your technology strategies and logically structure services, support, customer engagement and deployments. Design the enterprise IT solution maintaining service availability, security, connectivity, and efficiency. Creating an illustration that defines the best policies for making business profits.

  • Communicative
  • Modernization
  • Monitoring

Technical Support as a Service (TSaaS)

The IT infrastructure consists of all elements that support the management and usability of data and information. Skafos Consulting LLC’s objectives are to help companies with end-to-end technical support, security, Adm, and to be fully responsible for maintaining computer hardware and software systems keeping the company fully efficient and compliant.

Our technical support includes trouble-shooting techniques and resolves customer issues, support, application, hardware, software, and other business infrastructure.

Supporting Information Technology (IT) sits at the very top of every IT business strategy. It would make no business sense to create an environment without some structural maintenance.

  • Infrastructure management
  • Customer Service
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