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What is Backup

Backup as a service (BaaS). Computer backup means to copy files to a second medium, disk, tape, and cloud as a safeguard due to unforeseen circumstances. The saved data can be restored easily using different methods.


Backup as a service (BaaS). Data security has various elements and storing valuable information for your company in public space requires security and monitoring, irrespective of the cost.

Why Backup?

Data integrity can be compromised in a few ways, including: human errors, software bugs or viruses, hardware malfunctions, such as disk crashes and natural disasters, such as fires and floods.

Public cloud

Backup as a service (BaaS). Data availability is the accessibility of information from anywhere which is the new normal. A public cloud infrastructure system offers redundant backups.

Backup Features

Security & Compliance

Managing, securing and archiving sensitive information for businesses. Compliance becomes a prerequisite; Skafos Consulting LLC bolster these factors in our business practice.

Data Enctyption

Encryption of electronic data is the method of applying a symmetric-key algorithm to communication that is transported across a network and render it unintelligible to other people than the authorized recipient.

Backup Strategy

Most conglomerate operates in multiple regions and centralizes data in one location. We strongly recommend multiple region backup to safeguards against location-based disasters.

Data Breach

Data breach is apparently in the securest of domains. Malware, file corruption or Ransomware a backup can save your company significantly in its sophistication.

Private Backup

This structure backup confidential data that are accessible by an authorized representative. A facility that is costly and offer higher levels of security and monitoring.

24/7 Monitoring

Data authentication is relevant in any backup strategy. An audit trail shows a sequence of activity reported in logs; hence, unauthorized exploits can be easily identified.

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