What’s in a name?

Choosing a Domain Name

In the process of creating a business one of the first challenges is choosing a business name and secondly how to condense the name from a domain perspective.

The best and most memorable Domains are short, simple and unique. Find a Domain that contains relevant keywords (such as the name of your website or company) and avoids punctuation or numbers to reduce the chance of potential visitors confusing or misspelling it.

To be successful in marketing in general, it’s critical to develop a strong brand. Including your brand or company name in your site’s Domain will be an invaluable contribution to this aim.

Keep it Simple

Nobody enjoys typing long, complicated URLs into their web browsers – keep your Domain name as short and simple as possible without losing meaning. Striking the right balance between simplicity and descriptiveness is the challenge here.

Skafos Consulting LLC staging the efforts in helping businesses, unidentified over the Internet be profitable. Our approach is hidden in various business strategy including branding, marketing, and business design. Meeting with one of our strategists will help you to realize the benefits of having a logo, brand and a website to say the least.

How many characters can I use in my new domain name?
The maximum length you can use is 63 characters – this applies regardless of which registrar you use). Web domain names are not case sensitive, which means you can access and display your website address in advertising in upper or lower case; or even a combination of both.

What does it actually mean to ‘buy a domain name’? Will I own it?
While the term ‘buy’ is commonly used, it’s not completely correct. When you purchase registration for domain names in United States, you are buying the rights to use a web address for a certain period, and you are licensed by the ICANN registry to do so. Think of acquisition more along the lines of leasing rather than outright purchasing – learn more about what’s involved when you ’buy’ a domain.

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